Hand Held Nebulizer Technology Finally Becomes A Reality For Asthma

Asthma is by far one of the most common health conditions that is in our culture. The reason for this actually varies and there is no general consensus as to what exactly causes asthma. However, although the health condition is a difficult one to live with and bear there does exist help in the form[…]

Augmented Reality – Virtual Reality that’s Real Today

This is not virtual reality which is 100% simulated environment and characters. But it’s close and more useful in the real world. If you’ve watched any of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator movies where they show what the terminator sees from his perspective (displaying data while looking at a person or object) that’s the general idea of[…]

Web Based CRM Software: Hype Or Reality?

Web Based CRM is Software as a Service (SaaS) providing Customer Relationship Management functionality on the internet. Instead of buying the software licenses and installing the application on the company infrastructure, customers acquire a subscription to a system which can be accessed via the World Wide Web. Once the subscription fee is paid, customers can[…]

Ride the Latest Technology with Motion Simulators and Virtual Reality Rides

Science and technology; now and then: Gregor Mendel began his researches on plant genetics in the eighteen hundred century. And exactly one hundred and fifty years later there came to exist a Chelsea Specht’s plant genetics laboratory which only carried forward the researches which Gregor Mendel introduced with a pod of peas in his own[…]

Virtual Reality in online casinos- Bad news or Good news?

Online gambling come a long way from the first online casino with bad graphics and a couple of settings in the 90s to a very realistic game now, with crystal clear sharpness, games and animated screensavers.For example, online slots are one of the most popular casino games nowadays. Just check a few of them, and[…]

Virtual Reality – A Revolutionary Technology

Virtual reality is also known as computer-simulated reality and immersive multimedia. It is basically a computer technology that replicates an environment, which can be real or imagined. This technology is designed to simulate the user’s physical presence in this environment and allows him to interact with the elements of the environment. Virtual reality artificially generates[…]