How to Uninstall Linksys Wireless Router

Linksys wireless routers are one of the most popular routers among all routers. It offers elasticity, connectivity and lack of restrictions. This is the best choice for all the business people who need internet connection for their computers. You must choose the best model that is accurate for your definite needs. These routers are known[…]

Pointers To Consider Prior To Purchasing A Used Cisco Router

We can never deny the fact that the internet has brought about a lot of positive changes in our day-to-day activities. Right now, people rely would more often than not rely on the web for information and communication. Likewise, it has also become a place to do personal and business transactions. As a result, a[…]


We exist to help companies improve their performance through precision customized networking solutions and to produce industry – ready networking professionals at par with the best – in – the industry.By performance we mean being able to do things better and faster – faster decision making, faster communication, faster service to customers, reduced costs and[…]

It’s Essential That You Set Up Security On Your Wireless Router

It still amazes me the amount of people who still do not set up encryption on their wireless networks. By simply looking at view available wireless networks on your laptop you can see what wireless networks are available in your local area. This will also tell you which ones are secure and which ones are[…]

How to Connect a USB Modem Wireless Router Ethernet

I currently have a USB broadband modem. I purchased a wireless router which has ethernet connections. Currently, the modem is plugged into my computer downstairs which is running Windows 98, therefore, it won’t bridge the connections to my computer upstairs(XP). I can’t update to XP because a family member wont ‘risk’ it. Can I connect[…]