After-Sales Means Future Sales: Look After Your Customers

Unfortunately, many online merchants overlook customer care, the provision of after-sales services and losemany customers because of this. At the same time, it is very easy to keep customers satisfied after a purchase and keep them coming back to your store. Prompt order confirmation and transparent trackingAfter the actual buying process the customer should automatically[…]

M2090-745, IBM Cloudant Sales Mastery Test v1 Certification

It is quite hard to obtain a promising career in the IT sector if you don’t have enough knowledge and skills. This would be difficult for you to stand out among the crowds of IT experts. That is why if you don’t want this to happen, getting a certification is perhaps an ideal decision for[…]

Laptop service center | Laptop sales | Dell laptop sales chennai | Dell service center chennai

Lenovo strives to be a new world company that makes award-winning PCs for our customers. We operate as a company uninhibited by walls or organizational structures using worldsourcing to harness the power of innovation across our global team. We design innovative and exciting products and services to meet our customers’ needs. PRCC’s Computer Solutions division[…]

Sales channel Communication SaaS Results

Funnel advertising and marketing a product is usually just about enjoying a particular product from a manufacturer into the customer’s hand. This can happen in several techniques. It may very well be as a result of direct revenue or also by means of a channel partner or value added reseller (var). Now, direct product sales[…]

Nexright helps a global customer in improving Sales visibility with CloudHub

Nexright has helped the customer in automating sales and order management processes by integrating SalesForce with NetSuite and ultimately improving the overall visibility, streamlining revenue operations and ultimately resulting in huge cost savings. Customer leveraged MuleSoft CloudHub platform to integrate SalesForce with NetSuite. The Challenge Sales processes and tactics are often unique for each organisation.[…]

VAR & Sales Channel Communications Software

What’s the difference between Sales Channel Communications delivered via the web (SaaS) and traditional installed Sales Channel Communications software? Old school Sales Channel Analytics software has been overtaken in recent years by “software as a service” (Saas) models, also known as “online Sales Channel Analytics”, “hosted Sales Channel Analytics, and “on-demand Sales Channel Analytics.” In[…]

Sales Enablement Software

What’s the difference between sales enablement delivered via the web (SaaS) and traditional installed sales enablement software? Traditional sales enablement software has been overtaken in recent years by ‘software as a service’ (Saas) models, also known as “online sales enablement”, “hosted sales enablement, and “on-demand sales enablement.” Today, more companies than ever are turning to[…]

The Proper Use of Voucher Code Helps to Drive Sales in Affiliate Marketing

Introduction Pursuing discount is now part of the purchasing process. The main reason for using voucher code is to drive sales. Voucher code can be the tipping point in the purchase decision process. Voucher code is very easy to implement. For each coupon, an advertiser can set explicit discount amount so it can increase the[…]

Fragment your b2b SaaS sales team for customer acquisition

Market research supports the fact that companies adopting SaaS computing models are growing in huge number and is set to grow further in future. SaaS start-ups are in buzz due to its fast financial realisation. That being said, Churn is the major drawback of this industry and is continuing to cause disturbance in its growth[…]

How To Pass M2010-760, IBM Hosted SaaS – Entry Sales Mastery v1

Keeping up with the rituals, IBM once again has come up with a support certification for their software “Mastery”. This certification is specially designed for personnel interested in operating IBM MASTERY. IBM is emerging as one of the most recognized entity in certificate business. It’s high range of certification programs have received a very good[…]