Global Cloud Email Security Software Market

While email threats continue to grow and evolve, organizations are demanding more from their IT teams more protection, more efficiency and more flexibility. To meet these demands, IT teams need more flexibility to architect solutions that address these business imperatives. There are three broad categories of email security on the basis of deployment and flexibility.[…]

Domain Name Security Measures To Keep Your Online Property Safe

You may be able to protect your tangible property with security guards, CCTV surveillance and electric fences, but what about protecting your domain name? If you thought that domain names dont need protection, then you are mistaken. Every domain name which is in use is continuously appreciating in price. This means that if the wrong[…]

Go Public on Cloud with the Required Security Controls

Have been mulling over on public cloud computing? If yes, then its crucial for you to know that it requires security model reuniting multi-tenancy with scalability along with the need for trust. As organizations shift their computing platforms with their information, identities and infrastructure to the cloud, they need to let go of some amount[…]

Security Cameras and Systems in Homes and Businesses

Additional security is required as the theft and crime are rising in the business and homes. In businesses, there are security personnel who provide visual protection against criminals. But, security systems provide protection against security presence that is less obvious. For this, security cameras are very useful. Today, the security cameras are available in variety[…]

Why E-Commerce Sites Necessitate 24X7 Security And Change Monitoring?

Admittedly e-commerce renders unmatched opportunities to merchandisers and retail companies to expand their existing businesses and create new ones; however, it also heightens their vulnerability to malicious hackers. Attacks against e-commerce sites and applications that handle payments (electronic transactions, online banking or use credit cards, debit cards, PayPal and other tokens) are really alarming compared[…]

Network Security- The Most Vital Aspect Of Network Infrastructure Services

The most important aspect of providing robust and reliable network infrastructure services is to ensure complete and fail proof security for the network. A good network services company, focuses on the use of the all the essential software and systems to provide best possible safety to the network and the various servers being used by[…]

Toshiba Close Security Loop Holes on Photocopier Hard Drives

Security is an important issue for copiers and digital printers. Recent reports have exposed data retrieval from digital office equipment hard drives. Using downloadable software from the internet copier hard drives can be hacked into. As the photocopier scans documents images are stored on the internal hard drive that are typically used for “copy once[…]

Infrastructure Security in Mexico, Penetration Testing company in Mexico

Infrastructure Security is the area of security that focuses on the protection of computer infrastructure and everything about this (including information) . For this there are a number of standards, protocols, methods, rules, tools and laws designed to minimize potential risks to infrastructure or information. Infrastructure Security includes software, databases, metadata, files and everything that[…]