Distributor of Device Servers & Serial to USB modules

We are an independent franchised distributor of M2M components and devices including energy harvesting modules, serial to WiFi components, modules and devices, serial to Ethernet modules and devices, serial to USB modules and components modules and device servers. These are widely used in the medical, building automation, energy monitoring and industrial automation sectors.Over the last[…]

Cloud servers are more efficient than traditional servers, know how?

Are you facing issues with processing power? Do you need high capacity storage devices to store the data? Do you want to enhance the storage efficiency? Then, choose for the latest technologies and devices that can implement new changes in your organization to augment the performance and growth. These days, IT industry is leading with[…]

A Brief Introduction For Domain Names, Web Servers And Web Hosting

Are you a new comer into the wide arena of IT and hoping to begin a career in website designing? To get you started, in this article I will give you a short introduction on the technical things you need to know. Basically, the web is a group of interconnected computers communicating to each other.[…]

Avail maximum flexibility and secure web hosting through Germany servers

When you are opting to expand your business over the internet, make sure you keep few things in mind. Of course, you would be launching a website of your own but apart from that you need a dedicated server. Once you decide upon shopping for dedicated server, you need to consider CPU space, RAM requirements,[…]

Web hosting | Website Hosting | Domain Registration Services | VPS Web Hosting | Dedicated Servers | Linux Web Hosting | Windows Web Hosting

Ginger Hosting offers Cheap Shared Linux Website Hosting, Domain Registration, Reseller Hosting and VPS Hosting in Chennai, India at best prices with quality services – Web hosting Chennai, india. Gingerhosting.com offers an array of products and services that meets or exceed those offered by even our largest competitors. Our vast experience in serving the needs[…]

What Are Blade Servers?

Blade servers are self-contained all-inclusive computer servers with a design optimized to minimize physical space. Whereas a standard rack-mount server can exist with (at least) a power cord and network cable, blade servers have many components removed for space, power and other considerations while still having all the functional components to be considered a computer.[…]

What Basics Can You Expect With Your Cloud Servers Provider

A cloud computing company obtains virtual storage capacity from a wholesaler before reselling it in parcels among multiple clients. Resellers offer solutions for hosting software along with full IT outsourcing, depending on what companies require. In addition to providing high-quality customer support, good resellers offer multiple packages to accommodate different storage needs as well as[…]

Servers And Host Bus Adapters

To ensure high availability servers should include redundant hardware components with the dual power supplies , dual network connections and mirrored system disks typically used in enterprise environments. Servers should also have multiple connections to alternate storage devices through fibre channel switches and a minimum of two independent connections to the SAN. In most cases[…]

Consider tips for find certified Hawaii process servers

Process servers are helpful in the task of serving legal documents or legal notices in accordance with legal legislation. If you are involved in any of the legal matter then you can simply prefer to professional process servers to take care of your legal rights. They mainly perform different services regardless of your legal documents[…]

Backup Services for Desktop Computers and Servers

Statistics accumulated by us over the years proves beyond doubt that 95% of desktop computer and corporate servers do not have any kind of regular backup. Of these, an amazing 56% of users simply could not recollect the last time they did a backup. Corporate servers fared no better. Servers were setup, software installed and[…]

Netherland Servers: Best place in Europe to own a server from

With the technology getting advanced and internet gaining massive popularity across the globe, there is a widespread need to turn the focus from conventional sales and promotions in a business towards the Internet marketing. People are getting more interested in doing their business online and lure their customers online. For that they would need to[…]