FSG Bank Increases IOPS Speed Five Times Over Previous Backup System With StorTrends

NORCROSS, GA, August 26, 2015 – StorTrends®, the data storage division of American Megatrends, Inc. (AMI) and an industry leader in all-flash arrays (AFA), hybrid storage, and spinning disk solutions, today announced that FSG Bank, headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee, has increased IOPS speed five times over its previous backup system after switching to StorTrends’ high[…]

Challenges and Solutions for Network Speed And Power

Computers are used by everyone, but fully understood by a select few – that is why businesses employ information technology consultants! These are the people we readily turn to when we have a computer crisis, yet there are plenty of easily less pressing but just as solvable computer issues, like network performance management and slow[…]

Netherland Dedicated Servers-High Speed Servers for High Traffic

Dedicated servers provide the user more space for storage and also a better performance in terms of speed. It allows the client to use the server as a whole without sharing it with anyone else so that the organization under the control of this client can completely utilize the operating systems, hardware etc. connected to[…]

Cloud Helps Increase the Scope, Speed and Also Efficiency of Offshore Software Development Enterprise

It is true that business move in modern day economy is motivated by the birth of most recent technology. However to the economic value is just as necessary to maintain the change. The game changer cloud computing has got the potential to impact the offshore software development sector a great deal in the near future.[…]

Computer Running Slow? Here’s How To Speed It Up (Windows XP & Vista)

If you want to make your slow computer faster, then tuning your virtual memory would be a great place to start. You see, your hard drive is that place that your computer stores files like videos, picture etc… Your RAM on the other hand is the place that your computer’s programs work in. Its basically[…]

Comparison Of High Speed And Wireless Routers: A Fine Line

When you do an honest comparison of high speed and wireless routers, there’s not too much of a difference between them. There’s usually a very discernable difference in cost, with the wireless router being the more expensive. But does the wireless router justify its expense? For a lot of people’s home computers, the answer is[…]

Content Delivery Network Services – Speed up Content over the Web

Content delivery networks (CDNs) are widely distributed system of servers installed in multiple data centers across the world. The aim of these CDNs is to provide content to end-users with high availability and superior performance. CDN services offer a large amount of Internetcontent that includes web objects, downloadable objects, live streaming media, social networks and[…]