Vital Internet Marketing Strategy In Relation To Buying A Domain Name

In the pursuit of generating traffic to their blog or websites, most online business owners take on one internet marketing strategy after another in the hope that they will finally establish the best. But to maximize and get the best out of your promotion efforts, the secret is to work with more than one marketing[…]

Secure your brand’s gTLD with SLAM Strategy

The Internet is ever changing and moving on from being merely a technical administrator to a social driver. No surprise then that web domain names or the generic top-level domains (gTLDs) are also witnessing an evolution – gTLDs are no longer restricted to .com, .net or .org, but are expanding into more innovative and intuitive[…]

Successful Remote Access Strategy for Business Continuity

The use of tablets, iPads, laptops and smartphones have increased due to the facility of accessing desktop environments with the help of remote access desktop solutions. The issues related to disruptive business operations are no longer a matter of concern. Even in the absence of your employees or the occurrence of tragic natural calamities you[…]

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Strategy and Vision

A common theme shared by all of our clients is a challenge and concern to keep their business and IT environment running should there be an event that could impact their services. The possibility of power outages, network failure, or server failure is all problems that face our customers. Many of our clients have built[…]

Strategy for Regulating Business Service Management

The word “management” derives its origin from a Greek word “Nomo’s” which means management. It denotes not only a function but also the people who discharge it, a group of people who accept the responsibility to run an organization and direct its activities. Business Service Management Software – It implies a unified architecture which does[…]