Wireless Camera Systems – Are They Perfect For Your Surveillance Needs?

How times have changed the advancement of technology in the recent years has revolutionised so many aspects of people’s lives. The security industry has undergone radical changes in technology and today’s systems are excellent. The advent of the computer and the advancements over the last twenty years has been huge and with wireless technology available[…]

Video surveillance has entered the wireless are

According to “cask law”,the final image quality will depend on the entire monitoring system weakest link,and this is often the worst part of the transmission system.System designers and installers must actually need to select the appropriate transmission mode,high-quality transmission cables and equipment in accordance with , and then install professional standards in order to achieve[…]

Video servers has an important role in network video surveillance

Network video surveillance is a relatively analog monitor and digital surveillance purposes, the analog monitoring system, image transmission, switching and storage are based on analog signal processing technology, the introduction of advanced digital surveillance digital signal processing technology to achieve with DVR as a typical representative of digital storage. The network monitoring with digital signal[…]