New Generic Top Level Domains And What They Mean For You

ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, is the agency that gives out all the domain names. In early 2012, they made a decision that might change the Internet landscape forever. They’re offering new generic top level domains (GTLDs). If you don’t know much about domain names, these are commonly called suffixes. For[…]

Web Hosting and SEO – Are they important for a business website?

We live in 21st century, where everything and everyone is connected through INTERNET. If we take away INTERNET from our life, it will be tougher for us to live. Today there are millions of websites available on net, some related to business and some personal. In this scenario we all might have heard “Website hosting[…]

Wireless Camera Systems – Are They Perfect For Your Surveillance Needs?

How times have changed the advancement of technology in the recent years has revolutionised so many aspects of people’s lives. The security industry has undergone radical changes in technology and today’s systems are excellent. The advent of the computer and the advancements over the last twenty years has been huge and with wireless technology available[…]

Aged Domain Names, Are They Important for SEO?

When planning for a new website marketing campaign, business would be well served by consideration of a comprehensive web marketing strategy. Such strategy would include for example, an evaluation of search engine optimization methodologies. Website design and development strategies which yield effective search engine results are key to successful online promotion and marketing. There are[…]

Cybersquatting And Typosquatting – What Are They?

Unethical activities are nothing new online. From the early days of ‘Black Hat’ search engine optimization techniques like keyword stuffing and white on white text, through search engine results scraping for content, email spamming and modern phishing scams, the web has seen more than its share of dubious activities by those looking to get rich[…]

Mobile Apps for Event – How They Make Organizer’s Life Easy

In today’s competitive world, most of you who are into business need to make the most of the new opportunities that are coming up and thereby maximize your growth. According to a recent survey, 71% small businesses consider organizing events to be excellent platforms to reach out to new customers and fulfill marketing objectives. And,[…]

All About Domain Name Authorization Codes And Why They Are Important

We like to add the most security to our property and assets. When it comes to domain names, we don’t realize the measures and systems which are already in place to protect them. An EPP Code or Transfer Authorization is an important aspect in domain name security and is essential for transferring your domain from[…]

IBM iSeries Servers: Precisely What Value Do They Bring to Managed Data Storage?

The actual saying that information and facts are power is particularly correct in regards to the company’s information. According to investigation, 70 % of small businesses that experience a major data loss might go bust inside a 12 months, and also 51 % of all the businesses that experience an essential data loss will certainly[…]