Domain Name Investment – Learn How to Make Tons of Money Today!

If before, people used to invest in real estate, today, there is a cyber version of this: domain name investment. A domain name is your very own place in the internet, and today, as the internet attracts more and more people, there is also a widespread interest in claiming a space in the internet, to[…]

Become an Affiliate Today and Start Earning Commission on DomainZaar’s Products

The Art of Cash Parking Cash parking is an ideal option if you have a domain name that is not currently being used – perhaps it’s an old domain that you no longer have a need for, or it’s a domain you bought to ensure the domain extensions were not available to anybody else to[…]

Tablets has Become a Latest Trend among the Youth of Today

The present day scenario has totally been changed by the introduction of tablets. The majority of the individuals have become extremely puzzled while trying to make an appropriate decision which electronic gadget to purchase whether an iPad, or any of the android tablet devices. This continuous development in the technology has actually created a lot[…]

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure — A Necessity Today

Virtualization has been the talk of the computing world for it has modified and transformed many facets in the IT field. Virtualization can be referred as modifying or creating a virtual version of storage device, hardware or operating system, network in terms of computing. Desktop Virtualization is a virtualization technology that separates a computer desktop[…]

Augmented Reality – Virtual Reality that’s Real Today

This is not virtual reality which is 100% simulated environment and characters. But it’s close and more useful in the real world. If you’ve watched any of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator movies where they show what the terminator sees from his perspective (displaying data while looking at a person or object) that’s the general idea of[…]

The Best in the Business: The Top 3 Desktop Computers in the Market Today

Sure a reputable desktop computer will have the most cutting edge features as well as the most technologically advanced functionalities on board. However, what makes a truly excellent system is that it should simply be more than just a sum of its parts. Below are three of the best desktop computers of this year that[…]