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Domain Services At San Diego Web Solution, we have everything you need to get your company up and running, offering a wide range of domain services: Single Domain Registration, Bulk Domain Registration, Single Domain Transfer, Bulk Domain Transfer, Whois Lookup, and Domain Name Suggestion. The domains that San Diego Web Solution offer also include a[…]

When Should You Transfer Your Domain Name To A Different Provider?

Many people have kept their domain names with the same old provider whom they first registered it with. We also had a couple of clients who kept their domain names running at the old domain name provider by renewing it every year. They finally realized that they were paying for literally nothing, when they wanted[…]

Amendments to the Transfer Pricing Methods in Brazil- What you need to know

The recent developments in Brazil’s transfer pricing policies and the use of fixed profit margins are an attempt to simplify the administration of transfer pricing methods, thereby reducing the number of tax audits. The Brazilian government introduced changes to transfer pricing rules which include a range of fixed profit margins for various industry sectors. Although[…]

Choose InfiniBand Cables for Secure Data Transfer

InfiniBand is a communication link for data flow between processors and I/O devices that offers throughput of up to 2.5 gigabytes per second and support for up to 64,000 addressable devices. InfiniBand is a powerful new architecture supported by all the major OEM server vendors as a means to expand and create the next generation[…]