8GB Kit 2 X 4GB DDR2 Server Memory Upgrade for IBM System x3650 1914, 7979-xxx SDRAM ECC Fully Buffered FB DIMM PC2-5300 240 pin 667MHz RAM (PARTS-QUICK BRAND)

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Some Good Reasons To Upgrade Your Desktop To A Laptop

Laptop computers have come a long way in the last 10 years. Before that time, laptop computers were available, but they could not offer the same processing speed, power, or memory that a desktop computer could. However, technology changes very very quickly and these days, laptops are just as powerful as traditional desktop computers. Maybe,[…]

What are the Reasons for Seeking Computer Upgrade Service in New York?

With the continuous use of computer system in the New York homesand offices these days, there is a great chance that it might breakdown frequently, lasting less than expected time, especially if the users are into heavy graphics, videosor gaming. Many individuals in New York who use a computer either for personal or commercial purpose[…]