All About the Benefits of VBS Checks

The Vetting and Barring Scheme (VBS) is a government scheme for the vulnerable people of the UK. This is a system to provide security for children and vulnerable adults. The VBS checks work with both the CRB and the ISA. People should not allow other people (except family or personal relationships) to come in contact with their children or vulnerable adults unless their ISA checking are done. The VBS checks system has come up with the aim to filter out all the criminals from the country. These checks are done through the ISA decision making whereas all procedures of application processing are monitored by the CRB.

When the VBS check application is created, all companies (including small and large) will have to send the applications of their workers/ employees for the checking. In case, if the company is not able to generate the employees’ application in time then criminal offences will be charged against both the company and its employees. That’s why, the UK government is aiming to create and implement a check so that no working group can go unchecked anymore. Then only there will be extreme filtering of all the criminals from the country. It is necessary to know about the ISA checking and to get the complete knowledge of the VBS checks.  

ISA Check

The Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) is a body that works to provide security to the citizens of UK. Recently, ISA is working for the security of children and vulnerable adults. It has the power  to bar people from coming into contact with children and vulnerable adults. ISA acts as a corner stone of the VBS system under which the certificates are generated to those workers who work for children and vulnerable adults. For example – school van/bus drivers, teachers, tutors, baby sitters, sweepers etc. They all are required to show this certificate to the employer to get the job.

These people can get this certificate by just submitting the application to the CRB. After this, the application will matched with police records as well as other relevant information. Only those people will get the certificates who have no criminal records of any type. Candidates must know how to apply for the VBS checks and ISA checks. provides fast, friendly & cost effective services and offering help to fill in CRB application forms, providing information about CRB Checks and ISA checking. We also provide VBS Checks and ISA registration via the Vetting & Barring Scheme (VBS).