Real Before the Virtual: Deciding on a Small Online Business

The Internet has really changed the face of business, as it provides a vast new space in which product and service buyers and sellers gather together and interact. A few years ago small businesses saw building a website as just one of the many segments of their marketing strategies. In other words, it’s only about[…]

Replacing The Problem With Typical Staffing Versus Virtual On The Spot

The Problem With Typical Staffing Versus Virtual Staffing can be addressed in many ways. The enormous monies spent on Space for traditional office workers can be an absorbent amount of money. From the initial arrangement of floor space to the who will sit where issues. The installation of phones and computers which require Licenses and[…]

Domain Name: The Identity Of A Website In The Virtual World

A domain name is the identity of a product over the internet. It shows their autonomy and authorization over the virtual world. If your domain name is simple and precise it also helps establish your brand. Therefore, millions of domain names are bought and sold everyday. So it is a good practice to register your[…]

Virtual office service is the new trend for small enterprises

These days, most of the people want to start their own business, instead of working in other companies. For these people, there is a new trend to help them find a good office space in their budget. Virtual office service is the new trend in real estate industry to help the IT companies to start[…]

How Computers Created Virtual Offices

Thanks to the amount of technology openly available today it is easier than ever to set up a virtual office. Many one person companies are able to appear like multi-staffed businesses earning high revenues thanks to the advancing virtual office technology. Running a virtual office is very cost effective and allows business owners and employees[…]

VPS -Virtual Private Server Web Hosting

Web hosting service providers usually have dedicated servers located in climate-controlled buildings, connected to the internet backbone through T1/T3 lines. Anyone wishing to host his own website would approach such a hosting service which would then provide space on the dedicated server with limited administrative privileges. Since bandwidth, computer resources and RAM of the server[…]

Discover Online Communication Tools For Your Virtual Assistants

Once you have a team up and running and you’re going on a day to day basis and you have an outsourcing or insource team working on your business, you will need online communication tools to manage that team. What do you do to manage the tasks, manage the projects and then have that better[…]

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure — A Necessity Today

Virtualization has been the talk of the computing world for it has modified and transformed many facets in the IT field. Virtualization can be referred as modifying or creating a virtual version of storage device, hardware or operating system, network in terms of computing. Desktop Virtualization is a virtualization technology that separates a computer desktop[…]

Astute Networks Announces Adaptive Networked Flash Solution for Both NFS and iSCSI Physical and Virtual Environments

SAN DIEGO, CA, February 26, 2014 Astute Networks, Inc., the leading provider of Networked Flash appliances, today announced the release of ViSX OS v5, the latest software release for the ViSX family of Performance Storage Appliances. The ViSX continues to offer all solid state flash performance at the industry’s lowest cost-per-GB and the highest IOPS[…]

Being A Virtual Assistant To Make Income

How to Make Money with Virtual Assistant poses an interesting question. Firstly, one should determine precisely what is a virtual assistant. This has been described as a person who is highly skilled, professional and able to provide support in the administrative and related fields. The assistant works from their home or any other suitable space[…]